Safety Tips For Your Pet This Halloween


Halloween is one of the most popular and exciting events of the year, and it allows people to let out their wild side and go crazy. However, pet owners have a greater responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their furry friends during this holiday, so that they don’t end up getting sick or injured. Sure, you may dress up your pet in a Halloween costume, but that is as far as you should go.

Speaking of Halloween, here are some safety tips for pets that you should keep in mind, so that it can also enjoy the festivities as much as you do.

1. Prevent Giving Pets Trick-or-Treat Candies


Trick-or-Treat candies mostly consist of chocolate, which can be lethal for cats, dogs, and other pets as well. If you give them to your pets, they may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, and even seizures. Moreover, trick-or-treat candies that contain artificial sugar are also dangerous for your pets and may cause liver failure, which is why you should avoid them at all costs.

2. Don’t Leave Them Outside on Halloween

During Halloween, there are swarms of people out in the streets and they are doing all sorts of crazy things, which is why your pet shouldn’t be out at any cost. While your yard may be safe for your pet, you never know if someone decides to be a little reckless and throw fireworks or flares into your garden, and they can severely injure your lovely pet. Moreover, someone may decide to pull a prank that can result in injury or your pet being lost, which is why you should keep it indoors.

3. Keep Pets Away from the Door

You must be familiar with the Halloween tradition of ‘trick-or-treating’, where strangers dressed in different costumes come to your door to ask for candies and chocolates. This would mean that your door will keep opening from time to time, and the weird and scary costumes can spook your pets, thus making them unsettled. They may also decide to sprint outside when the door opens. Therefore, you should keep them away from the door, and place them in a room they would be comfortable in.

4. Don’t Expose Pets to Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a staple of Halloween festivities, but they also attract pets who just want to chew on them. They contain a glowing liquid inside them and if the glow sticks end up in your pet’s mouth, it could puncture the plastic and cause the liquid to spill into their mouth. Although the liquid is non-toxic, it won’t make pets sick. However, it tastes really bad and can cause your pet to become nauseous or unsettled. In case this happens, you should give your pet some water and one of its favorite snacks to flush out the taste from its mouth.

5. Keep Halloween Plants Away from Pets’ Reach

Halloween plants refer to pumpkin and corn, and you can find them everywhere during the holiday. You can feed them to your pets, provided that they are properly cooked. However, if your pet stumbles their way to a stale or moldy pumpkin or corn, it can make them very sick and cause gastrointestinal problems, which can also culminate in intestinal blockages. It isn’t difficult for you to keep these plants away, especially if you keep your pet inside. If you have a moldy pumpkin lying around, it may contain mycotoxins, which can cause significant and irreversible neurological damage to your cats and dogs. So, make sure to keep them away from your pets at all costs.

6. Keep Pets Away from Jack-o-Lanterns

Jack-o-Lanterns are another popular addition in Halloween, and you may also choose to place them all over the house. However, your pets may also like them too much and want to interact with them, which can cause the Jack-o-Lanterns to topple over, thus starting a fire in your house. Apart from injuring your pet, this can also be hazardous for your health and your home’s safety. Therefore, keep all types of candles and Halloween decorations out of reach of your pets. This also applies to battery-powered decorations. Although they are much safer than candles, they can still be risky, because your pet might chew on an electrical cord and get shocked or burned.

7. Do Away with Uncomfortable Pet Costumes

We know you want to dress up your pet in the most adorable Halloween costume ever, but that might not be a very good idea. Some fabrics or threads can be toxic or dangerous for your pet’s health, and if the costumes are too tight or difficult to put on, they can impair your pets’ ability to breathe, see, hear, or even walk properly. Therefore, prevent getting any such costumes for your furry friend. While buying a Halloween costume, make sure to consider these factors. Moreover, you should always try out the costume on your pet before Halloween, so that it is comfortable and used to it.

8. Put Collars and Tags on Your Pets

During Halloween, there is an increased chance of your pets escaping, particularly when the door opens every now and then. Of course, you can’t put your pet in a cage or locked in the closet, and they might get agitated by Halloween costumes and try to escape. Plus, if you live in a crammed apartment, you can’t possibly keep your pet indoors. So, if you have to leave your pet outdoors, make sure that they have their collars and tags on them, with your complete address and contact details printed on them. This way, even if your pet gets lost, stolen, or runs away, you can get in touch with the authorities and provide them with the information.

That is all we have for you on safety tips for your pet this Halloween. Since this holiday is right around the corner, you should consider these tips and implement them proactively, so that you can ensure their safety and wellbeing. Of course, pets look simply adorable in Halloween costumes and fetch a lot of likes on social media, but they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at any cost. Plus, if you plan on stocking up on pet supplies and essentials before Halloween, Happy Cat Happy Dog provides you with everything you need!